2017 Session Slides and Handouts

Keynote Sessions

Keynote #1 - Jason Travers 
Life's a Pitch! Distinguishing Between Evidence-Based, Unproven, and Pseudoscientific Interventions in Special Education

Keynote #2 - Michael George
A Different Perspective, Some Effective Strategies, and a Few Useful Hints for Working with Students Having Behavior Problems

Preconference Workshops

Workshop #1 – Mitchell Yell
Free Appropriate Public Education from Rowley, Van Duyn, to Endrew: Implications for School Leaders

Workshop #2 – Trisha Guffey 
The Administrator's Role in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Workshop #3 – Nicholas Gage 
Building and Sustaining Behavioral Support: A Tiered Systems Framework 

  • Gage, slides

Breakout Sessions

Click on the topic and presenters name to download a copy of slides and any handouts shared in the session.

  • Topic A – Mike Renn & Bruce J. Prenda

    Truancy Diversion: A Cooperative Effort Between the School, the Country Attorney, and the Juvenile Court

  • Topic B – Sharif Z. Liwaru

    Same Story Different Story: Reducing Disproportionate Discipline Referrals Through Relationship Building

  • Bullying and Harassment of Students with Disabilities: How Should Schools Respond

  • Topic D – Jason Travers

    Discussion Session with the Keynote, no handouts available

  • Revisiting Services, Supports, and the IEP Team Decision-making Process for Students with Challenging Behaviors in Light of Endrew F.

  • Social Skill Support Strategies for Learners with High-Functioning Autism

  • Exploring Positive Alternatives to Suspension

  • Trauma Informed Care: Developing Student and Staff Resiliency Through Education and Mindfulness

  • Developing Educational Appropriate and Legally Sound Behavioral IEPs: Federal Guidance and Litigation, part 1 & 2

  • Topic J – Michael George

    Evidence-based Practices for Elementary Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, no handouts available

  • Special Session

    Proactive Responses to Aggressive Behavior, from the Classroom, School District Perspective