Planning Committee

The Planning Committee

The Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior Disorders is led by the "Planning Committee," which consistsĀ of about 40 volunteer members. This committee is responsible for developing and implementing the MSLBD conferences and all of its other activities.

  • Members of the planning committee come from across the U.S. although primarily from the states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.
  • About three-fourths of these individuals work in colleges and universities preparing special education teachers, counselors, school psychologists, or other educators. Other members work in state departments of education, local school systems, treatment centers, child care agencies, and advocacy agencies.
  • Membership on the planning committee is open but requires the sponsorship of an existing planning committee member. Inquire with the manager at manager@mslbd.org for more information about membership on the planning committee, and how to get started in joining.
  • Most of the organization's activities including planning committee meetings are held in the Kansas City area, although members may join most meetings electronically.

A list of the current Planning Committee members is available here.