Matthew McNiff, Ph.D.

Dr. Matt McNiff is a special education director and behavior consultant with the Educational Service Unit No. 5 in Beatrice, Nebraska where he works with school districts to help teachers and administrators develop ways to help students with behavior concerns. With almost 25 years of experience in the field, Dr. McNiff has worked with thousands of students with behavioral challenges and grades ranging from early childhood to high school and transitional programming. He attained his Ph.D. in special education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, specializing in behavior disorders and autism. 

Dr. McNiff is a nationally recognized speaker in the field of behavior management and specializes in helping school staff to develop programs that will reduce problematic behaviors and increase academic time. His presentations are known for being positive, humorous, and engaging and are full of easy to use strategies and examples that can be used quickly with even the toughest to reach children. 

MSLBD Awards, Recognitions, Video Links

Educator Talk About Memorable Students, 30th Anniversary Celebration 2012 Symposium, Matthew McNiff

Special Session at the 2016 Conference on Behavior Issues for School Leaders, The Problem isn’t the Game, it’s the Playbook How having a Child with Autism Changed our Lives, Matthew & Brenda McNiff

2018 Ignite Session Presentation, Matthew McNiff

2019 Keynote Presenter, Matthew McNiff; Presentations from all four 2019 Keynote Presenters, Sharing Perspectives on: Anger, Aggression, and Violence! Can we create civility in schools?