2016 Awards and Stipends

The 2016 awards ceremony of the Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior Disorders (MSLBD) celebrates the people who have influenced the past, present and future of the field of educating children with significant behavioral or emotional needs. 2016 Awards Program and special address by Dr. James Kauffman: https://archive.org/details/MSLBDAwards2016item20162

The Outstanding Leadership Award

The Midwest Symposium presents this award to an individual who has exhibited outstanding service and leadership to the field of behavior disorders on a national level.


Timothy J. Lewis, Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
"In recognition of his integrity, professionalism, and astonishing work ethic; and in recognition of his strong legacy of collaborative work and leadership to his students and colleagues in order to improve education for students with behavioral needs."

  • Tim Lewis with Sharon Huntze, & Barbara Mitchell
    Tim Lewis with Sharon Huntze, & Barbara Mitchell

    2016 Outstanding Leadership Award Recipient

Educational Program Award

The Building Bridges: Seeds for Development Award is a stipend for classroom or a program to support a variety of activities to improve education for students with emotional/behavioral disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

  • Carrie Fairbairn
    Carrie Fairbairn

    Millard Public Schools, Omaha, Nebraska
    In recognition of outstanding educational endeavors that support students with emotional and behavior disorders in public schools.

Doctoral and Master's Degree Stipend Award 

Provided to students pursuing, or applying to pursue, a Doctoral or Masters degree in special education with a program emphasis in behavior disorders or a closely related field.

  • Jennifer M. Ninci
    Jennifer M. Ninci

    Texas A&M University
    Doctoral Stipend Recipient

  • Katie L. Cook
    Katie L. Cook

    Kansas State University
    Master's Degree Stipend Recipient