Outstanding Advocacy Award

Unsung Hero Award

Recognition for Service to the MSLBD Planning Committee
Nomination Form Deadline: November 1
Award Bestowed: February Symposium

Award Description: MSLBD is served by many individuals who work in making our organization successful for 38+ years and is considered by many as a leader in meeting the needs of educators and others serving youth with significant behavioral or mental health needs. This award recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly to the success of MSLBD but may not have been recognized for these contributions.

Award Criteria: To be honored for this award an individual must:

1.     Have served MSLBD for at least ten years. 
2.     Has regularly attended planning committee meetings 
3.     Has demonstrated sustained role with MSLBD committee work, preferably in a leadership role. 
4.     Has demonstrated an appreciation of the various constituencies served by MSLBD.

Other Details: A customized glass award would be given to the recipient. Award adopted in May 2019. 

Past Award Recipients
2020 - Dr. James Teagarden, Kansas State University, Planning Committee 2006-current
2022 - Dr. Sharon Maroney, Blue Grass, Iowa
2023 - Dr. Howard P. Wills, University of Kansas, Juniper Garden Children’s Project, Kansas City, Kansas
2024 - Dr. Deborah Griswold, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas