Outstanding Leadership Award

Outstanding Leadership Award

Deadline: November 1 
Award bestowed: At the Midwest Symposium in February

Award Description: The Midwest Symposium annually presents this award to an individual who has exhibited outstanding service and leadership to the field of behavior disorders on a national level. The recipient will also be reimbursed for expenses to attend the Symposium to receive the award in person. The recipient is selected by a three-person committee appointed by the Symposium Planning Committee. Nominations will be accepted from the Planning Committee and any interested person. Copies of this form may be obtained by contacting any member of the Symposium Planning Committee.

Award Criteria: The following criteria are used to determine the recipient. (Please enclose documentation when forwarding a nomination.) The first criterion receives the most weight. 

1. Outstanding service on the national level to the field of behavior disorders, including work in professional organizations, advocacy activities, and other nonprofit activities;
2. Professional contributions leading to the advancement of the field of behavior disorders;
3. Creative contributions recognized by peers; and
4. Recognized leadership to the field of behavior disorders.