Outstanding Building Leadership Award

Outstanding Building Leadership Award

Is Your Principal, Assistant, Associate Principal or Dean of Students A Standout Supporter of Students with Behavioral Challenges?

Wouldn't you like to recognize his or her efforts on behalf of your students? Consider a nomination for the MSLBD Outstanding Building Leadership Award!

  • Is your principal a risk taker and willing to step out of the box to help your students be successful?
  • Does your principal provide a welcoming and supportive climate for all students, including students with behavioral challenges?
  • Does your principal provide an environment, which recognizes and reinforces appropriate positive student behavior in multiple ways and frequently throughout the school?
  • Is your principal invested in relationships with your students and your classroom staff? Does your administrator visit your classroom on a regular basis? Does he or she know your students' names and visit with them when they are doing well? Does he/she recognize them when they have reached behavioral milestones?
  • Is your principal willing to listen and be available? Is he/she present and participating in IEP and parent conferences? Is he/she responsive to requests for services, materials and resources?
  • Does your principal provide leadership, which supports the need to teach appropriate student behavior rather than simply punish inappropriate behavior?
  • Is your principal a collaborator with parents, teachers and other stakeholders in enriching the school experience for your students with behavioral challenges?

Who Should Be Nominated?
The nominee should be an elementary or secondary building principal, assistant/associate principal or a dean of students. Please consider nominating someone you know for this award!

How Will the Winner Be Recognized?
We select one recipient each year. The winner will be recognized at the February Symposium. The award recipients will receive a free registration to the symposium and be honored during the awards program on Thursday evening during the symposium. 

What Is Needed to Complete the Nomination?
We need:

  1. Letters from the nominator and at least two other staff members in the nominee's building addressing the criteria above and explaining why this leader is deserving of this award.
  2. A resume for the nominee (if available) or a summary of the education, experience, and background of the individual being nominated.
  3. Letters of support for the nomination from parents and students with behavioral needs (if possible)
  4. Any other materials which you think would support this nomination.

Nominations must be made in writing. No material will be returned. The materials can be emailed as attachments, faxed or sent via US mail to the address below.

When are the completed nomination materials needed?
The MSLBD Award committee will evaluate the nominations. All nominations and support information are due November 1.

How Do I Nominate Someone?
To get things started, simply fill out the preliminary nomination form below and submit it to the MSLBD Office. Then as soon as possible write a letter of support and gather the other materials listed above, and send them to