Educational Program Award

Educational Program Award - Building Bridges: Seeds for Program Development

Nomination Form Deadline: November 1
Award Bestowed: February Symposium

Award Description: The Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavioral Disorders awards a stipend of up to $500 to a classroom or program for students with emotional/behavioral disorders (EBD) and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). One or more recipients will also receive expenses to attend the Symposium to receive the award. The Midwest Symposium Awards Committee will select the award winner. Nominations will be accepted from classrooms, schools, clinics, hospitals, or other organizations offering direct services to children and you with EBD and ASD.

The Building Bridges: Seeds for Program Development Award may be used to support a variety of activities and programs to improve educational programs for students with EBD or ASD. Purchase of curricula, materials, learning supplies, and support of classroom and school improvement projects are appropriate for this award.

Award Criteria: The following criteria are used to determine the recipient. Nominees should:
1. Identify the setting for students with behavior disorders (setting must be a direct service organization, such as a school, classroom, hospital, etc);
2. Identify the objectives of the program development or improvement request along with the manner in which it will be evaluated;
3. Identify the support activity and how it will improve the education program of students with EBD or ASD;
4. Identify a timeline and budget for the support activity.