Outstanding Educator of Students with Autism Award

Outstanding Educator of Students With Autism Award

Nomination Form Deadline: July 1
Award Bestowed: October Conference

Note regarding the 2021 Award Recognition: The conference scheduled for October 7 & 8, 2021, will be a virtual online event, the recipient will be recognized during the online event. Complimentary registration to attend the virtual conference will be provided, but no travel to a physical location will be possible.

Award Description: 

The Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior Disorders awards a plaque to an individual who has exhibited outstanding achievement and excellence in classroom service to students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The recipient will also receive expenses to attend the Simpson Autism Conference in order to receive the award in person. The conference leadership team will select the winner. Nominations will be accepted from recognized professional organizations, parents, and educational staff. The following criteria are used to determine the recipient. Nominations must include a letter explaining how the nominee meets the criteria below. Nominations may also include (1) up to two additional letters of support and/or (2) supportive content such as links to articles, blogs, social media, or etc. demonstrative of the nominee’s leadership in the field of autism.

Award Criteria: The following criteria are used to determine the recipient. Nominations should include documentation. 

  1. Nominations must include a letter explaining how the nominee meets the criteria below. 
  2. up to two additional letters of support and/or 
  3. supportive content such as links to articles, blogs, social media, or etcetera demonstrative of the nominee’s leadership in autism.

Requirements for this nomination: 

  • Is currently teaching in a school, clinical, or community-based program that serves students with ASD.
  • Relies on current peer-reviewed information regarding autism and consistently implements evidence-based practices when providing services for students with ASD.
  • Demonstrates the ability to promote student progress and maximizes the potential for desirable outcomes for their students with ASD.
  • Collaborates effectively with parents, teachers, and administrators to develop and maintain positive relationships critical for student success. 
  • Advocates for and/or volunteers time in the service of students with ASD in their school and community