Anna Cory

I am a Nebraska girl who ended up in Iowa (Go Big Red). I have two boys, one who is musically inclined and one who plays every sport imaginable, only because baseball isn't a year-round sport. I married my husband in September of 2016 after I saw my oldest son graduate in May of the same year. Needless to say, 2016 was a busy year!

I have had the honor of learning from and working with individuals with disabilities for the past 16 years. 15 1/2 of those years were spent as a Level III Special Education Teacher. Throughout those years I achieved my Master's degree in Special Education, learned countless interventions and strategies, became a MANDT instructor, led school and district-wide professional development, was a Mentor Teacher, and managed 4-5 adults in my classroom on an annual basis. My experiences while teaching, opened the door for me to join the amazing group of MSLBD's Master Teachers. 

Currently, I am working with Vodec, a company that started in Council Bluffs in the 60's and is expanding into the Central Iowa region. I have been able to take my experience and knowledge of transitional programming and apply it to my position as an Employment Training Coordinator. My role, as Employment Training Coordinator, is to teach individuals who may have little to no job experience, foundational job skills that are needed for future community employment. I look forward to expanding my learning in my new position!